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How would you guys handle a disagreement with a doctor? Any idea?


Anonymous Answered question July 28, 2022
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Have a respectful and professional discussion with them.  If it’s an order that doesn’t seem appropriate, I will say something like, “I don’t understand this order, can you educate me about this”?  Most of the time they are happy to explain. If they are defensive or brush me off, I will push for an answer.  If I still don’t get a satisfactory answer, I escalate to my charge nurse, or will go ask the the attending to educate me.  In general, the nurses on my unit are very well respected and the attendings are happy to address any of our questions.  I take care to not approach in a disrespectful or aggressive manner and 99% of the time either myself or the MD walks away from the discussion with more knowledge (I work at a teaching hospital and with a lot of residents, so there are lots of times I am questioning things).

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