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How would you guys handle a disagreement with a doctor? Any idea?


Anonymous Answered question July 28, 2022
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RN of 17 years working at teaching hospital, so I have a lot of experience questioning things especially with residents when you know the attending so well.  I find if you ask them to explain why. What is the evidence based practice for it? Why would this order suit the patient’s condition right now? Plus working for so long you just know what the attending doc likes and doesn’t like as far as orders like the back of your hand.  I come with respect and advocacy for my patient.  However I’m not afraid to escalate up the ladder at all.  As a nurse if I’m not comfortable giving something that’s off the wall, Doctors have the final say but doctors can also give the patients medications too.  Give that crazy ass order doc. I’ll chart and monitor but shit hits the fan.  You gave it!  Also, I’ve just straight up came with the same energy they came with.  They will not disrespect me or a patient period cause they are having a bad day or whatever. Everyone does. Suck it up buttercup.  I don’t do it in front of patients.  But they will NOT belittle or make a patient/nurse  feel stupid for asking medical questions .  NO NO! As my patients’ nurse and the charge nurse on the floor, we have a big problem. I’ll go straight to attending and chief of staff and the Floor Director and DON.  That I don’t tolerate.

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