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Hi there, I have a question for your followers.

I have been a nurse for 4years and am interested in going back to school for my DNP. I have a baby on the way so I would not want to start until next year when they’re about 10mo old.

Are those that have become an NP, happy with their choice? What specialty do they work in as an NP? Is going to grad school doable with a baby?

I have a great support system and have child care lined up already😊

Thank you!

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I am very happy with my choice to be an NP, its been about 4 years. Im a family practice NP at a FQHC so I feel like I do a lot of good. NP school was easier than nursing school IMO. I was an RN for 6 years before i went back. I don’t have kids yet (currently pregnant) but i could not have done grad school with a baby because i was working part time. I would say that I am not impressed with SOME of the DNPs I know. I personally wont be going back for mine. hope this helps!

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