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Hi there, I have a question for your followers.

I have been a nurse for 4years and am interested in going back to school for my DNP. I have a baby on the way so I would not want to start until next year when they’re about 10mo old.

Are those that have become an NP, happy with their choice? What specialty do they work in as an NP? Is going to grad school doable with a baby?

I have a great support system and have child care lined up already😊

Thank you!

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hey! So this is definitely doable as long as you have a good support system. I started when my son was about 2 months old, and before finishing I got pregnant again with my second. I took one semester off when she was born because of timing and because I was a scheduled C section. I finished my master’s as an FNP when she was 8 months old. All this time I was working night shift. I decided to practice per diem and am actually teaching at a college full time. I do telemedicine and that requires seeing 21 patients a day or more. I would personally burn out. I just happened to find a passion for teaching. But to answer your question, yes you can do it!

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