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How can I negotiate a good salary as a new grad?

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Definitely important to do prior to accepting the job…once you are at a facility most won’t negotiate until your annual review. Look at the whole package- do they have a 401K/403B company match? If so, no matter what put enough in to get the match! Also, most places will say you have to stay a certain amount of years (usually 5) to be fully vested which means until you truly would get 100% of the amount they will match. If you do leave prior to that, you would still have a good start on your retirement with what you put in! If you are moving out of town/state, ask if they have a relocation bonus! See if you can find out what new grads in your area make for that type of department. It doesn’t hurt if they ask what you are hoping for hourly wise and you aim a $1-$2 over the normal…don’t seem greedy, but also know your worth!

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