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Juggling family/kids with multiple sports on a night shift sched.  Tips to feel less like a zombie?

Lexi Nutty Answered question November 21, 2022
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It’s important to have a work-life balance. If you feel the quality of your life is being compromised by your inconsistent shift pattern, you may need to look at either alternative employment are trying to negotiate fixed hours. Sleep deprivation can be very dangerous and puts you, your family and the public at risk; did you know that being sleep deprived is similar in blood concentration levels to being intoxicated with alcohol: your reactions are slower and you’re less alert! – if it is not an option to find alternative employment then you need to 1) Sleep on your break, 2) batch cook meals so that you don’t need to spend hours cooking, 3) possibly see if another mum/dad/friend are able to support and try and negotiate runs (you do it one day, they do it the next etc), 4) eat nutritious food and exercise (improve your baseline level of fitness and helps with fatigue), 5) Have a serious conversation with your spouse/children and explain that you’re feeling fatigued – try and work out what is important to your children to support them whilst also explaining your needs and responsibilities towards the household etc.

Ultimately, it is so difficult to work nights; I left my job as I couldn’t cope with the frequent turnover of days to nights. I neglected my health at the expense of a job for far too long.

Good luck!

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