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Juggling family/kids with multiple sports on a night shift sched.  Tips to feel less like a zombie?

Lexi Nutty Answered question November 21, 2022
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Hang in there. It’s temporary. If your unit director is worth a damn, let them know you enjoy your job but would really like to be moved to day shift to better manage family responsibilities. Again, if they aren’t garbage, they should get the message and move you up the priority list for availability.

Fwiw, my first ER job was supposed to be night shifts and I had a similar conversation with my unit director. They were a total shithead, but still found a way to get me on days (some units have mid shifts or will do 4x10s…those have their pros and cons).

Basically, show you have a good work ethic and are easy to work with and it can warm even the cold and deadest of a unit director’s hearts. Hopefully a new generation of unit directors will replace the old and people can be more direct about these things.

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