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So much nursing burnout currently in the nursing field or in the medical profession in general just curious if nursing burnout is affecting you what area are you working in and how long have you been in that profession?

Piotr Findura Answered question September 12, 2023

Nursing 12 years (mental health trained, primarily worked in challenging behaviours and brain injury. UK based)

I became badly burnt out in my last job as a senior staff nurse, primarily due to a lack of support from management and bullying in the work place. I was expected to do everything but not given the resources staff or time to do it! I ended up going on the sick for 3 months and seriously considering quitting nursing altogether.

I instead changed to agency nursing (like local travel nurse in the US I think?) I choose where and when I want to work. I find this so much easier and it’s 100% the best decision I ever made. Because I can choose my shifts and don’t have to deal with politics I feel I’m able to give my all and do my best work without stress. Highly recommend.

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