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So much nursing burnout currently in the nursing field or in the medical profession in general just curious if nursing burnout is affecting you what area are you working in and how long have you been in that profession?

Piotr Findura Answered question September 12, 2023

I work at a SNF. 56 bed facility. 2 med nurses aka charge nurses. 1 treatment nurse. 1 supervisor in the evening who is also the admissions nurse so it doesn’t help having a supervisor. The big load is on the med nursing who have to do med pass x 3 because we do 12 hrs shifts, COC’s and get all the progress notes/dailies/documentation done. We get 1 break if that during the 12 hrs. It’s very difficult in San Diego working in a SNF right now.

Nursilium Changed status to publish September 11, 2023
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