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For those studying and working at the same time, how do you manage?

Piotr Findura Answered question September 12, 2023

I worked full time while in nursing school. The way you do it is just out your head down and work hard. It sucked. It was a rough few years. I just stayed focused on graduating and how life will improve after

Nursilium Changed status to publish September 13, 2023

I feel you! I worked part-time as a CNA throughout nursing school to keep my medical benefits. Hopefully you are able to work part-time, but if not, perhaps take weekend clinical if possible. I know some nursing programs have them for working moms. If you’re not already working in the medical field, perhaps you should so it’s like being in clinical but getting paid for it. I know it’s easy to get burnout when you’re a full-time student working full-time….but the results are well worth it! Good luck!

Nursilium Changed status to publish September 11, 2023