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Asst dir on inpatient peds M/S unit. We are experiencing lots of turnover. Our leadership team is committed to making our unit a great place to work, and we are passionate about our staff and the work we/they do. Looking for meaningful suggestions to retain and support staff. (Obv $ but that is out of our control) Plz help!

Piotr Findura Answered question September 12, 2023

I’ll be honest. I’ve traveled nurse for the last handful of years and every unit is trying to do this. It’s a never ending problem. Only true fix is ratios. But I’ve noticed that the facilities that had break nurses had less turnover. They had an extra nurse on the unit that just did breaks and helped everyone around. Nurse didn’t have to look for turning help or trying to find someone to help hold a leg. The break nurse helped with a lot of that.

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