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I was recently diagnosed with cancer, had a susuccessful surgery, but am sure I will not be able to work at the bedside after recovery. On 7/3, a salary transparency video post by @jessmccalis. She indicated she was making 100k+ working from home. I was hoping someone could help me figure out what kind of nursing job she was doing? Companies?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m a work from home case manager for a large utility company. I offer courses that teach nurses step by step exactly what I do to help nurses get work from home jobs and have been very successful in helping hundreds of nurses leave their bedside jobs to work from home. I offer 1:1 mentorship as well if you need more help and I host a Facebook group where I share several free resources for you to get this kind of job yourself. There is a list of companies that hire nurses to work remotely in the pinned discussions in the group.

here is the link to the group: TAP HERE

and the link to the courses: TAP HERE

Hope this helps!


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