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Sister Mary Dominic (1912–2001): A Trailblazer in the Development of Nursing Theory

Sister Mary Dominic’s impact on nursing theory is characterized by a visionary approach that transcended traditional paradigms. From the early stages of her career, she recognized the need for nursing to have a well-defined theoretical framework that could guide practice, education, and research. Her endeavors marked a transformative era in which nursing theory emerged as[…more]

Sister Mary Camilla (1915–2003): A Visionary in Nursing Theory Development

Sister Mary Camilla, born in 1915, stands as a transformative figure in the world of nursing, celebrated for her pioneering contributions to the development of nursing theory. Her groundbreaking work has significantly influenced the way nursing is conceptualized, shaping the theoretical foundations that guide the profession. I. Early Life and Call to Nursing: Sister Mary[…more]