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Sister Mary Celestine (1906–1985): A Guiding Force in Advancing Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Sister Mary Celestine’s dedication to nursing research was rooted in the belief that a profession built on evidence and inquiry could provide the highest standard of care for patients. From the early stages of her career, she recognized the transformative power of research in shaping not only individual nursing practices but the entire landscape of[…more]

Sister Mary Boniface (1898–1974): A Trailblazer in Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Sister Mary Boniface, born in 1898, stands as a remarkable figure in the history of nursing, celebrated for her advocacy and pioneering contributions to nursing research and evidence-based practice. In an era when research in nursing was still in its infancy, Sister Mary Boniface played a pivotal role in emphasizing the importance of evidence in[…more]